My goal in teaching theology is to enable students to think critically about fundamental questions that arise from religious traditions and from their own lives. I challenge my students to be attentive when interpreting texts, rigorous when making arguments, articulate in communicating with others. These skills are developed through a Socratic, conversation-driven teaching style that pushes students to take on the role of theologian for themselves.

I am a member of the Department of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, FL. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in systematic theology and ethics. Prior to Saint Leo, I was a teaching fellow in the Theology Department at Boston College for two years while I completed my Ph.D.

In 2015-16, I participated in a year-long teaching workshop through the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. That workshop brought together pre-tenure faculty from fourteen different institutions to reflect on and improve our teaching through collaborative and supportive conversation.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Graduate
REL 123: Christian Spiritual Vision THY 521: Foundations of Christian Ethics
REL 210: Christian Understandings of Salvation THY 522: Catholic Social Teaching
REL 300: Who Would Jesus Kill? THY 565: Ecclesiology
REL 330: Christian Morality THY 570: Christian Spirituality
REL 345: Christian Social Justice THY 575: Christology