My central question is about the intersections of theology, technology, and media.  As contemporary digital technology continues to shape how humans think of themselves and interact with one another, it is important to consider the theological ramifications of this.  I find that the essential questions of theological anthropology, virtue ethics, and ecclesiology provide a way into engaging technology in critical and creative ways.

David Tracy

An essential basis for my work on theology and technology comes from my study of American Catholic theologian David Tracy.  I am currently completing an introductory monograph on his thought, entitled A Theology of Conversation: An Introduction to David Tracy.  Tracy approached theology as a conversation among persons, traditions, and contexts.  He sees theology as essentially public and open to any intelligent, reasonable, responsible person.  Building on his notions of public, fragment, and interpretation, I am looking into how pervasive interaction with new technologies shapes our notions of human existence and how, in turn, that experience shapes technology.