Upcoming Talk: Voting in Good Conscience

Thursday, November 3rd, 7pm, St. William Catholic Church, Naples, FL I’ll be speaking on “Voting in Good Conscience: Catholic Ethics and Civic Responsibility.”  The focus will be on conscience, cooperation with evil (which I’ve written about at Daily Theology), and prudential judgment, with the goal of showing how these impact our voting decisions in the 2016 … More Upcoming Talk: Voting in Good Conscience

Who is My Digital Neighbor? World Communications Day 2014

Originally posted on Daily Theology:
Banner from the Vatican news service Yesterday Pope Francis released his message for the 48th World Communications Day, “Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter.” Since 1967, most of these messages (and every one since 1996) have been dated for release on January 24th, the feast day…

Through the Google Glass

Originally posted on Daily Theology:
Commander Riker tries out the Ktarian Mind Game I think like many good nerds, when I first saw the proposals for Google Glass, my mind immediately jumped to the great Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Game.” In this episode, Commander Riker meets a Ktarian woman while on shore…

Defense successful!

My dissertation defense went well, so that’s an immense relief. It was actually quite a bit of fun. Most defenses I’ve been to feature one of the committee members going at a time, each for 20-30 minutes. Mine started out that way, but it quickly turned into a more conversational, free flowing process (clearly in … More Defense successful!

Upcoming Events

I have two upcoming presentations in the next week, both of which are open to the public: (1) Tomorrow, I’ll be giving the response to Bishop LaPierre’s keynote at the Pax Romana/ICMICA study session on “Prophets on the Borders: The Challenge of Evangelization Today.” My presentation is tentatively titled “Borders and Bridges: Social Communications and … More Upcoming Events

CTSA wrap up

I went to the annual meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America this past weekend, and it was excellent. The theme of the conference was “conversion,” which was pursued in widely divergent ways in the various sessions I attended. This is my third trip to the CTSA, and I would say it was one … More CTSA wrap up