The Season of Advent: I Want It All

Happy Advent to all!

Daily Theology

Well aware of my deep love for LEGOs, this year my girlfriend gave me a LEGO Advent Calendar. Each of its 24 little cardboard doors hides a small set of pieces, which so far have formed a Christmas tree, a fireplace, a table, some presents, six minifigures, and a grill. Being doubly thoughtful, Paige had also snuck in a note for each day of the Advent calendar, helping her to be present during the season despite our long distance.

This is the first Advent calendar I’ve ever had, and so far it has been excellent training for the season. Like (I suspect) most people with an Advent calendar, I want to open all the doors now. I want all the LEGOs! I want all the notes! I have no desire to wait. My struggle with the Advent calendar has reminded me of one of my favorite Queen songs, the appropriately…

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