Never Forget…Someday Forgive?

I have a lot of strong feelings associated with 9/11. I remember it pretty vividly, and still get emotional talking about it. I’m not at a point of forgiving, although I hope someday I will be.

Daily Theology

NT5 - Jesus Heals the Paralytic in CapernaumMy birthday is November 22nd, which has the distinction of being (a) the earliest date on the calendar for Thanksgiving and (b) the date President John F Kennedy was assassinated. This latter fact was brought home for me when I was 8 or 10 years old. My family was out to a celebratory dinner at Max & Erma’s (which had a great sundae bar). At some point during the meal, a man in the next booth over turned to ours and asked my parents if they remembered where they were when they heard. I don’t remember the man bothering to specify what it was that they’d heard – it was clear he meant JFK. My parents did remember, and briefly shared their stories with the stranger. To me, it was an odd sort of bonding moment, a shared memory of shock and even grief among strangers.

I don’t really need…

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