Walter White and the (Im)Possibility of Redemption

There be spoilers here….my thoughts on what the show Breaking Bad can tell us about redemption and human sinfulness

Daily Theology

**Warning: Spoilers Below!**

By the time I go to bed tonight, there will only be four episodes left of one of my favorite TV shows I’ve ever watched (which is saying something – I’ve watched a lot of excellent TV). One of the few who has watched Breaking Bad since its beginning, I’ve been riveted by the ongoing devolution of its central character, Walter White. I would go so far as to say that not since The Godfather Parts I and II has there been such an excellent study of a decent character whose responses to his circumstances have led him inexorably towards a moral rock bottom.

As a Christian, though, I’ve had one main question in the back of my head these past five seasons: Can Mr. White be redeemed?

Of course, were Mr. White a real human being rather than a fictional one, Christian theology’s response…

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