CTSA wrap up

I went to the annual meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America this past weekend, and it was excellent. The theme of the conference was “conversion,” which was pursued in widely divergent ways in the various sessions I attended. This is my third trip to the CTSA, and I would say it was one of the best conferences I’ve been to.

Admittedly, that was in part due to the excellent session on conversation and conversion in the public sphere that Nichole Flores and I put together. Both our papers turned out very well, and despite their differences they resonated strongly with each other. There was also a really lively and challenging conversation in the remaining hour of the session that I feel very privileged to have been a part of. I haven’t yet worked out the direction I want to take with my paper, but I look forward to returning to it.

I also moderated a strong session of the fundamental theology and method topic group. Three excellent papers from Lieven Boeve, Judith Gruber, and Julies-Kei Kato led to a rich conversation about conversion, hybridity, and identity. I’m looking forward to this session next year (for which I am writing the call for papers!).

As with all conferences, it was great to see friends and colleagues and to meet some new people. I left this year’s conference already excited for next year’s (in sunny San Diego).

It was fortuitous that this year’s conference was in Miami. Afterwards, I had time to drive up to Sarasota and spend some time with my brother, as well as to go apartment hunting near Tampa for my move this fall. I believe I’ve found a place, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. I’m looking forward to becoming a Saint Leo Lion and a Floridian, even if I’m not so much looking forward to moving itself.


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